Scotland unveils new consumer-focussed energy plan


Scotland’s government has revealed a new plan that aims to empower the country’s energy customers.

Titled the “Energy Consumer Action Plan” it has been developed in collaboration with an advisory group which included consumer groups, academics and UK energy watchdog Ofgem.

The plan includes the establishment of a Consumers Commission, an independent body “to give consumers a more powerful voice” in the country, and Britain’s energy policies, as well as a charter which will see signatories address issues affecting consumers.

The plan also intends for public authorities to be duty-bound to place consumer’s interest at the core of policy and regulatory decision-making, and invest in new approaches through its Improving Consumer Outcomes Fund to make energy more affordable.

The Scottish government also says it will look into new ways to provide more comprehensive support to energy-vulnerable consumers, including access to priority support, and improving assistance to those with energy debt.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said, “As the energy market continues to evolve, we need to ensure that it is more responsive to people’s needs and interests. If we are to influence consumer behaviour in the future we need to build trust – and ensure that the system puts people first.

“That’s why today, the Scottish Government is publishing our Energy Consumer Action Plan. It sets out what we will do to ensure better outcomes for consumers, in our energy market.”