SJW Group releases corporate sustainability report


SJW Group Announces Release of 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report

SJW Group, the parent company of San Jose Water has announced its inaugural Corporate Sustainability Report, covering its industry sustainability measures in 2018.

 “Sustainability has always played a pivotal role in our corporate philosophy, and that’s why we’re so proud to share the details of the many ways we’ve worked to be good stewards of your water, your resources and your environment,” said Eric W. Thornburg, president and CEO of SJW Group.

“San Jose Water has served its community for more than 150 years. That’s not an accident, that’s the result of a stable company with a sustainable mindset, planning for and protecting the future for all of us.”

Thornburg continued, “SJW Group’s Corporate Sustainability Report provides a detailed account of not just our corporate responsibility performance across the business, but also the ways in which our people are showing leadership in water quality, tackling infrastructure planning and investment and creating a healthy sustainable business model that will carry us into the future. We believe that engaged employees, working safely and efficiently, coupled with smart investments in customer service, innovation and infrastructure replacement, lead to highly satisfied customers.”

Some of the key points highlighted in the report include:

  • The opening of our reconstructed Montevina Water Treatment Plant
  • An asset management program that drove more than $1 billion in capital investments in communities over the last decade.
  • Investments in leak detection technologies at San Jose Water, which have helped reduce water loss to 7.4%.

The full report can be found on the San Jose Water website.