Southern California launches $2.5 million lodging efficiency project


US utility Southern California Gas Company has selected Willdan to help its customers consume less to reduce energy costs.

The energy provider is implementing the solution provider’s Commercial Energy Management Technology under its Lodging programme.

The $2.5 million initiative is targeting small and medium-sized lodging customers consuming 50,000 therms or less annually.

The project is a pay-for-performance contract in which the utility will pay for services provided in line with savings achieved.

The contract will use the Normalised Metered Energy Consumption method, which measures energy savings based on changes seen at the utility meter instead of savings from deemed measures, energy models or white paper studies.

Willdan will perform buildings’ energy audits, propose energy efficiency upgrades based on customer budgets and help customers verify energy savings once retrofits are made.

The programme offers incentives upfront to help offset customer out-of-pocket costs, and upon confirmation of energy savings, customers will receive additional incentives based on actual natural gas savings.

The initiative is a way by the utility to improve services to its 21.8 million customers.