T & D sensing and measuring device market to reach $4.8 billion by 2026

A new report investigates the increasing use of sophisticated systems of sensing, measurement, condition monitoring, and asset management solutions, as the electric grid becomes more diverse.

The report found that during the next decade, utilities worldwide will undertake significant investments in automation and monitoring solutions in substations, transmission and distribution (T&D) lines, transformers, and more as they look to upgrade and replace aging infrastructure.

Driven by increasing demands for distributed generation, such as wind and solar, and coupled with pressure from regulators and customers for enhanced grid intelligence, T&D sensing and measurement (TDSM) devices are likely to play a significant role in paving the way toward a more advanced, self-monitoring, and self-healing electric grid.

“The power industry is in the early stages of a radical paradigm shift that will see the traditional one-way system of towers and lines connecting a power plant to an electric customer transform into a complex network characterised by bidirectional power flow, pervasive communications, and high levels of automation,” says Michael Hartnack, research analyst at Navigant Research.

“As the grid becomes more diverse, a sophisticated system of sensing, measurement, condition monitoring, and asset management solutions must be deployed.”

The report further states that as the cost of sensors and connectivity falls, utilities are expected to deploy TDSM systems faster than ever before.

The T&D Sensing and Measurement Market Overview report examines the technologies and strategies being adopted to enhance sensing and measurement capabilities on T&D networks.

The report includes an analysis of the market issues, including drivers and barriers, associated with TDSM solutions, global market forecasts for eight TDSM equipment categories, segmented by technology category and region, extend through 2026.

The report also examines the key technologies related to sensing and measurement hardware and software in the global T&D market, as well as the competitive landscape.