The development of IoT in China


Yuanfei Chen, director, Institute of Tianjin IoT Technology, Chinese Academy of Science, talks about the research being undertaken by the Academy and why communication is so vital to the success of the energy internet.

The energy industry covers a wide range of fields, including the generation, use and trading of electricity and gas. The emergence of the Internet of Things has a great effect on the improvement of the infrastructure of the energy industry.

This article was originally published in Smart Energy International 5-2018.  You have access to our digital magazine here.

Taking the current intelligent meter reading as an instance – in fact, except for electric meters, the gas meters and heat meters have not been fully intellectualised. In the generation and transmission networks, a large number of sensors have not yet been installed, leading to the loss of granular data at these points. In terms of infrastructure, the development of the energy industry in China and even the world is still relatively low, and there will be tremendous room for development in the future.

This article was originally published in Smart Energy International 2-2019. 

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