The fashion industry and climate crisis


Fashion brand H&M Group has called upon the development of joint sustainability strategies by players within the industry to combat climate change.

H&M Group has urged other businesses within the industry not only to focus on profits and ignoring climate crisis but rather look at how their operations impact on the environment as well.

Anna Gedda, head of sustainability at H&M Group, said: “The fashion industry will not exist in the future if we continue producing and using fashion in the same way. Climate crisis requires us to take great steps to transform our whole industry.”

H&M Group is calling for an increase in focus and investments in energy efficiency, climate resilience and renewable energy by industry players.

The call follows the release of a study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation revealing that current energy transition strategies being implemented by the industry address only 55% of the industry’s total emissions.

H&M Group has set a target to reduce the energy used per square meter by 25% before 2030 and to become climate positive by 2040. To date, 96% of the firm’s operations are powered by renewable energy.

The firm has reduced carbon emissions by 11%.

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