Three factors restraining businesses to achieve sustainability targets


A new report published by Navigant Research explores barriers restraining companies to effectively putting their sustainability plans into practice.

The three factors include:

  • Lack of clear understanding of sustainability by businesses
  • The lack of accountability for achieving sustainability goals
  • The lack of employee engagement in sustainability measures

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However, interest amongst corporates in becoming more environmentally sustainable is increasing, according to the whitepaper.

Consumers have also become more demanding for companies to become increasingly sustainable in their operations.

Investors are also divesting from carbon emissions-intensive companies and investing in organisations with lower carbon footprints.

Regulations to address climate change at international, national, state and local levels is also pushing companies into implementing sustainable practices.

The report provides recommendations to help companies address the three challenges and they include:

  • Companies developing a standard and clear definition of environmental sustainability across the organisation.
  • Leadership engaging and motivating employees to become partners in achieving sustainability targets
  • Sustainability managers should hold senior leadership accountable for sustainability targets.

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