Two-thirds of UK consumers want more water billing transparency


According to a new report by UK utility billing software firm Echo Managed Services, nearly two-thirds of UK consumers want greater transparency regarding how their money is used.

The survey of 1000 customers across the UK determined that 65% of consumers are curious about how the money they pay is used, and in particular, why their bills are so high, in comparison to 2018 rates. Others said they don’t trust water suppliers, or the water sector.

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Apathy appeared to be the general attitude of the 35% who didn’t call for greater transparency, with many saying that greater transparency would likely not result in meaningful change.

Andy Mack, Software Services Director at Echo Managed Services, said: “These findings clearly highlight that many UK consumers want their water suppliers to go beyond simply providing an essential service.

“They want them to be more responsible, ethical and to “do the right thing” and to be more open in sharing information with them.”

“Water companies should continue to look to positively interact with customers in different ways; engaging with the communities they serve and showing that they are more than a faceless organisation.”