UK hits 500 000 SMET2 smart meters

The UK’s Data Communications Company (DCC) has confirmed a major milestone in the country’s rollout of smart meters.

The body has just announced that the 500 000 SMETS2 installations mark has been met, with the 500 000th installed by E.On.

That number has subsequently been exceeded, with more than 7000 SMETS2 meters being installed per day, an achievement the DCC says signals “significant progress” following recent threats to the country’s chances of installing its target two million meters by 2020.

The DCC is tasked with maintaining the UK’s smart metering data network, and requires that the pace of installations increases, although the rate has improved six-fold, from 1000 units per day in June of 2018.

BEIS senior reporting officer for smart metering, Daron Walker said at a recent select committee meeting that installs of both SMETS1 and SMETS2 meters need to double to 8 or 9 million per annum, from the current 4 or 5 million per year to reach just 75% of the national target.

The UK government is also facing criticism for what is considered to be an unfair bias, with the vast majority of installations taking place in the south of the UK, and just 10 000 meters of the 250 000 installed at that time being under DCC jurisdiction.

At a select committee hearing in January, BEIS’ senior reporting officer for smart metering Daron Walker said that installs – including both SMETS2 and legacy SMETS1 meters – would have to double from between 4 – 5 million per year at present to 8 or 9 million per year to even hit 75% of the country’s overall target.