UK’s National Grid calls for energy code changes if no deal Brexit


The codes governing the UK’s grid balancing and settlement practices need changing if no Brexit agreement is reached prior to the deadline.

That’s according to a proposal from the country’s National Grid Energy System Operator, calling for the code to be revised to reflect the EU regulations that will be removed from UK law.

The cautioning is due to possible gaps in regulations following a hard Brexit. The UK government has laid Statutory Instruments that will ‘delete’ certain EU regulations, and the fear is that not all of these will be replaced.

The operator worked with ELEXON, the company responsible for administering the code, and they suggest that confusing technical inaccuracies may prove detrimental to the long-term sustainability of the electricity grid. Even though the two organisations say the European Union Withdrawal Act will allow the grid to remain operational in the short term, the code needs updating as soon as possible.