US local governments vote in favour of new 2021 buildings efficiency code


The New Buildings Institute has announced that US local governments have voted in favour of the new 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

The new standard is expected to bring an estimated 10% more efficiency improvement for residential and commercial building operators.

For instance, buildings that will adopt the standard will reduce energy use for decades to come, reduce energy costs and mitigate carbon emissions.

However, final energy savings analysis will be released by the US Department of Energy later in 2020.

The IECC is a model energy code that sets minimum efficiency standards for residential and commercial buildings related to walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, windows, doors, duct leakage, air leakage.

The standard is updated every three years through an extensive proposal process and online vote of eligible voters, which come from local governments and related agencies.

Alliance to Save Energy President Clay Nesler, said: “Homes and buildings account for roughly 40% of our energy consumption and carbon emissions, so this is a very big deal.

“It will save consumers and businesses money that can be invested elsewhere in the economy while significantly reducing carbon emissions. It is also the most significant step forward in nearly a decade to put America’s model energy codes on a pathway towards decarbonisation.”

William Fay of the Energy-Efficient Codes Coalition, adds: “Many state and local leaders rely on the IECC as the basis for their own building codes. After two code cycles of stagnant efficiency improvements, these leaders have exercised their power and delivered a stronger code that will help everyday Americans.”

Organisations including New Buildings Institute, the Energy-Efficient Codes CoalitionNatural Resources Defense CouncilInstitute for Market TransformationAmerican Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, and others helped raise awareness about the importance of the vote.

The final 2021 IECC will be released later in 2020 at which time jurisdictions can begin adopting the new standard.

For an overview of the key efficiency proposals that were approved in the 2021 IECC update, click here..