US Marines sign new energy reliability contracts


The US Marines have through its division Installations Command (MCICOM) signed an energy reliability and resilience services contract with Concurrent Technologies Corporation.

Concurrent will address utility distribution systems, at the installation level, supplying the Marine’s headquarters and regional offices.

The contract aims to reduce energy wastage and ensure the US Marines optimise its operations by having access to reliable and cost-effective energy.

Three other firms signed by the Marines to provide services to the agency’s energy programme include Risk Mitigation Consulting, Cintel and Barbaricum.

If extended into a four base period, the contract between the US Marines and Concurrent will be worth $36 million.

“Energy touches every aspect of Marine Corps missions and functions, and even short-term interruptions in electric power or disruptions to the delivery of fuel or natural gas can have serious consequences on mission readiness and the ability to deploy Marines in support of critical operations,” said Randy Monohan, MCICOM’s energy projects officer

“Ensuring that our clients meet energy security and resiliency goals is crucial to reducing vulnerabilities in a rapidly changing world. Resilient capabilities build upon self-reliance, teamwork, and flexibility,” said Brenda B. Phillips, AIA, SEA President and COO.