How utilities can improve customer experience to stay competitive


Navigant Research has issued a new whitepaper providing utilities with recommendations on how to transform their customer experience.

By improving their customer experience, utilities will be able to stay competitive and help customers succeed in an increasingly competitive and digital marketplace.

Ted Walker, managing director at Navigant, said: “Utilities must act now to remain relevant in the Energy Cloud future and position themselves as a customer-centric energy solution provider.

“Focusing on top-tier CX can help accelerate the long-term transformation of the utility, while also providing near-term benefits of improved customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs.”

According to the paper, The Changing Value of Customer Experience in the Energy Cloud, consumers want utilities who would help them achieve their goals such as cost savings, reliability, resiliency and sustainability.

“Transforming CX is foundational to transforming utilities’ value propositions in the customer-centered Energy Cloud, where selling customers on new energy programs, products, and services through Energy Cloud platforms is becoming increasingly important.,” says Jan Vrins, managing director and leader of Navigant’s global Energy segment.

“Investing in CX transformation and fostering CX will be critical to unlocking this value, and ‘good enough’ CX will not be enough to stay competitive.”

To gain customer trust and loyalty, utilities need to:

  • Focus on customer centricity by creating a culture of relentless customer focus
    Innovate with agility to address customer demands
  • Build a brand customers love through solutions such as gamification of energy savings, online marketplaces and voice-activated energy efficiency capabilities
  • Use digital channels to communicate with customers
  • Prioritize integration of their services with third-parties to optimise services offered consumers.
  • Partner or perish

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