Vattenfall acquires AI-based demand response startup

Swedish power company Vattenfall has bought 100% of the shares of the Dutch company Senfal, thereby adding new services for industry demand side flexibility and renewable generation optimization.

Senfal is a Dutch start-up that has developed a smart trading technology to serve the nergy industry.

The company’s technology is based on artificial intelligence and alogrithms that enable wind and solar farms, large industrial customers, and battery owners to optimise assets and increase flexibility by autonomous trading on short-term energy markets.

This essentially creates automated demand response, directing adjusting production schedules to monetize flexibility and reduce energy bills.

Through its services, Senfal is able to substantially reduce the energy bill for large industrials and realize substantial improvements in power trading profits for wind and solar farms and battery owners. 

Senfal has currently 22 employees and is based in Amsterdam.

Erik Suichies, head of Vattenfall’s European Wholesale Customer Business said: “Senfal has gained a wealth of experience and shows innovative thinking in automated demand response and robotic power trading.

“Adding their competence and solutions will strengthen Vattenfall’s position of being the preferred energy supplier for industrial customers and renewable operators in Northwestern Europe.”