Vertpom combines green energy goals with financial assets


Vertpom is CIAC IT’s leading global solution which combines green energy goals (Decarbonized territory and Green French Tech) and financial assets (Innovation Partnership Contract).

Vertpom means: Multifluid smart grid to create a decarbonised territory with positive, modular and efficient energy. It includes decreasing greenhouse emissions, happy consum’actors, happy customers as well as reachable financial objectives and the creation of an eco-sharing system between men and the existing natural resources.

The Energy Bank: VERTPOM-BANK® software is being developed and deployed offering a set of digital tools for management and decision support that will ensure the energy efficiency of the territory. It is build based on algorithms and machine learning (AI).

Our “Multifluid Smart Grid – Energy Efficiency” global solution: VERTPOM® (ADEME Investment Project) is a turnkey, modular and opened solution. The first step : deployment of meters, concentrators etc… is being achieved by our Customer-Partner GAZELEC de PERONNE (Energy Network Manager). For info : ADEME is the French Agency for Energy Efficiency Management.

Within the contractual framework of the European directives, the French law of innovation partnership (2015 – 2016) and public service delegation, VERTPOM® includes a simulator allowing analysis and sound results (feasibility study) of CAPEX OPEX and ROI (energy T laws 2015). In these legal frameworks, the markets are of the negotiated type.

VERTPOM® partners are : CIAC IT, Gazelec de Peronne, Universite de Picardie Jules Verne.

CIAC IT provides services and software in high value-added, eco-responsible and innovative sectors. These software and devices are developed by CIAC IT with Artificial Intelligence.

Learn more about Vertpom here…ADEME-VERTPOM- A4 UK