Warren’s $3 trillion climate change plan


White House candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren has put forward what is said to be “one of the most aggressive, detailed and wide-ranging plans for combating climate change,” according to the MIT Technology Review.

The plan, which could cost the US Treasury as much as $3 trillion over the next decade, includes:

  • The Green Apollo Plan: $400 billion to be invested into clean-energy research and development; a
  • The Green Industrial Mobilization Plan: A commitment to spent $1.5 trillion on American-made emissions-free technologies
  • a Green Marshall Plan providing $100 billion to make those technologies available to other countries.

It has been speculated that this funding would be found by reversing some of the earlier tax cuts made by President Donald Trump.

In addition to the plans outlined above, Warren has said she will recommit to the Paris Accord, again reversing moves made by the current administration.

She proposes as well that 100% of national electricity supply will be provided by “clean, renewable, and zero-emissions energy” by 2035.

Her ‘Clean Cars for Clunkers’ programme will focus on removing ICE cars from the roads, and she proposes that all new passenger vehicles and buses be emissions-free by 2030.

Other proposals include a ban on fracking and a potential ban on nuclear power generation.

The plan is said to require a significant shift in political power and huge amounts of political will and money.

The implications on jobs and investments would be considerable and it is therefore considered doubtful as to whether this proposal would even be passed.