World’s most desired employers confirmed


Research firm Universum has released the results of its World’s Most Attractive Employers study.

The study comprises 247,235 business and IT students from 12 largest global economies to understand their career aspirations.

Economic uncertainty is influencing decisions by students as to which industry and companies they should work for.

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53% of Gen Z students are security seekers and 35% are focused on innovating their way through the disruptive challenges the world is confronting now.

Amongst leading global IT and engineering brands, the majority of students want to work for Google. This is the tenth year Google has topped the index.

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WMAE 2019 business rankings top five:

  • Google (Non-mover)
  • EY – Ernst & Young (3rd in 2018)
  • PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers (6th in 2018)
  • Deloitte (Non-mover)
  • Apple (7th in 2018)

WMAE 2019 Engineering/IT Rankings Top Five:

  • Google (Non-mover)
  • Microsoft (Non-mover)
  • Apple (Non-mover)
  • BMW Group (Non-mover)
  • IBM (7th in 2018)

Other key findings regarding employers, students and career plans include: 

  • Given the momentum of Amazon, one industry – e-commerce – gained ground with business students
  • Improved linkage to innovation, creativity and high future earnings have made the auto industry more attractive and competitive.
  • A strong focus on work-life balance has dulled the desire for an international career. Trade tensions have also created a backlash for foreign employers.
  • For business students, their top three job-related communication channels are social media, employers’ career websites and online job boards. The response differs slightly from their engineering/IT counterparts, who rely more on career fairs than online job boards.

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