UK distributor signs first of its kind demand-side management contract


The UK energy distribution network operator Western Power Distribution (WPD) has signed a demand-side management agreement with battery storage provider Anesco, believed to be one of the first of its kind in the country.

Demand side management is the term used to describe an agreement between an electricity distribution company and a customer to operate their electricity consumption at a lower capacity in a pre-determined period of time, in return for reduced extra high voltage (EHV) charges.

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To date the focus on batteries providing flexibility to the system has been on how that flexibility can earn revenue. However, as this solution demonstrates it is also possible to provide flexibility in a way which reduces an asset’s operating costs.

Simon Yeo, income manager for WPD said: “This approach benefits both Anesco and WPD’s wider customer base in providing long term network security while reducing the need and cost for additional network reinforcement.

“It also demonstrates the benefits of battery storage in a world of network capacity constraints.”

Mike Ryan, asset management director from Anesco, added: “This is a solution which provides value to the customers of both Anesco and WPD and demonstrates yet another way batteries bring benefits to the system. We look forward to other DNOs learning from WPD’s leadership in this area. It’s been fantastic to work with Simon and the team at WPD to achieve this first-of-its-kind solution.”