Your place of work is the power plant of the future


That’s the word from the UK’s Centrica Business Solutions latest survey of over 600 UK businesses , which says 81% of the companies surveyed that already generate their own power intend upping their generation capacity by 2024.

According the survey results, 70% of businesses see the need for increased flexibility in terms of how they consume and generate energy, in part because of the importance of environmental and social accountability, regarded as almost as important as common-sense priorities like financial stability and efficiency. The report echoes similar findings to Centrica’s US study.

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36% of respondents view energy security as a major risk to long-term success, but this risk can by mitigated against by onsite generation, largely protecting the business from fluctuating energy prices.

Of the businesses surveyed, only one in 8 are successfully balancing economic and environmental success.

Increased profitability is also behind increasing onsite renewable energy generation, with one in 5 companies seeing energy as a commosucdity that can unlock revenue streams, and increase competitiveness by using smart technology, including

Ian Hopkins, Sales Director at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Speaking to our customers, they’re seeing a number of wider benefits as a direct result of investing in on-site energy generation.

“For example, many report improved brand perception because they can better demonstrate energy efficiency and low carbon credentials, while others are able to create additional revenue from selling electricity back to the grid.”