Webinar broadcast date: Tuesday 23 February 2021

05h00 New York | 10h00 GMT | 10h00 London | 11h00 Amsterdam | 12h00 Johannesburg | 15h30 New Delhi | 18h00 Singapore | 21h00 Melbourne

Grid operators are continuously looking for new ways to collect and analyse data about power distribution and consumption in near real-time.

The modernised utility is flexible and resilient, with predictive and actionable information that enables the utility, suppliers, partners, and customers to efficiently manage power.

In this webinar, you will learn more about how Cisco solutions for the distribution grid help utilities achieve the following benefits:

• Increase operational reliability through self-healing grids
• Achieve higher operational efficiency by reducing feeder losses
• Incorporate distributed generation while maintaining grid stability
• Improve system performance using power quality monitoring and distribution-level sensing
• Increase customer engagement through demand response, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), and prosumer models
• Improve security, quality of service, resilience, and meter interoperability

We will be joined by Fluvius, the distribution grid operator in Flanders, Belgium, who will be sharing their vision and strategy about operational communications for the smart grid. In addition, we will be joined by Eximprod, who is partnering with Cisco on edge compute applications for the electrical grid (virtual RTU).

Alexis Malchair, Sales Leader | Cisco IoT
Paulo Pereira, Systems Engineer Leader | Cisco IoT
Edward Agostinho, Technical Solutions Architect | Cisco IoT

Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, Editor, Smart Energy International