Smart Cities

With the implementation of smart lighting, electric vehicle integration and charging and wifi hubs across cities, utilities are well positioned to utilise...
2021 predictions

Gemserv’s 2021 energy predictions

UK professional services company Gemserv presents its predictions within the energy sector in 2021.

Ford demonstrates hybrid EVs and blockchain in improving city air quality

Dynamic geofencing, blockchain and hybrid electric vehicles – the tools smart cities can draw on to improve the local air quality.

MATILDA demonstrates 5G smart lighting system

A 5G end-to-end services operational framework has been demonstrated in an intelligent lighting system for smart cities in project MATILDA.

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This is just a quick note to wish you all a very happy 2021. May you be blessed with great colleagues, good health, interesting projects and may you be healthy, wealthy and wise in 2021.
air quality

ADB issues $150 million clean energy loan to help improve air...

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a loan of $150 million for clean energy financing in a bid to improve air quality in China.

ICE to partner on smart neighbourhoods in Costa Rica

Grupo ICE, Costa Rica’s state electricity and telco provider, is partnering with municipal development association IFAM to create smart neighbourhoods.

Enel partners on development of ‘circular cities’ in Latin America

Enel is partnering with the International Italo-Latin American Organization (IILA) to develop circular cities in Latin America.
graphene and sustainability

Spearheading sustainability – Graphene Flagship works towards European sustainability goals

In this article, Vincenzo Palermo, vice director of the Graphene Flagship, discusses how they are spearheading towards sustainability.

Smart home neighbourhood to be built in Mississippi

Mississippi Power and Southern Company are partnering to build a smart home neighbourhood in Mississippi’s Lauderdale County.
smart street lighting

Investments in smart street lighting to hit $28.1 billion by 2029

Smart street lighting continues to show steady growth, with large-scale projects now underway in almost all regions of the world.

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