Accenture to develop first standard API marketplace for smart cites in Japan


Accenture and the University of Aizu will conduct a joint research project to develop the first standard API marketplace for smart cites in Japan.

The project also includes studies on how to utilise a smart city operating system (digital platform for smart cities) to better utilise AI in public services and promote citizens’ behavioral changes, focusing on Aizu Wakamatsu city, Fukushima, as a model case.

An API marketplace is a channel for sharing and disseminating standardised code for creating and linking software.

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The planned site will help local government, companies and other local stakeholders develop and benefit from new data linkages and integration between smart city and industry initiatives.

With the advice of the University of Aizu, Accenture will develop the API marketplace on the cloud environment of the University of Aizu’s Advanced ICT Laboratory (LICTiA). 

Smart City Reference Architecture (From Cabinet Office “Smart City Reference Architecture White Paper”)

President of the University of Aizu, Toshiaki Miyazaki, said: “Since its opening in 1993, the University of Aizu has been fostering world-class ICT talent and conducting research on ICT that contributes to the sustainable development of Japan and the world.

“Through this joint research, we will work with Accenture, one of the world’s leading consulting companies, to improve Japan’s competitiveness.”

Shojiro Nakamura, Accenture Innovation Center Fukushima, Co-Lead, adds:
“The Japanese government is promoting a standardized smart city architecture for the good of society, in particular to support sustainable development in urban areas.

“Creating standards for applications and data is key to our efforts to support work in individual cities and a nationwide smart city framework, as well as central to our collaboration with the University of Aizu to promote regional development.”

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