Top ten most and least eco-friendly cities to work in revealed


A new study released by British Business Energy reveals the best and worst cities to work in for the eco-conscious.

The study looks at statistics including the percentage of people walking or cycling to work, the level of tree coverage across the city, and the percentage of technology patents that were environment-related across each country.

The World's Most Eco-Friendly Cities

Ian Wright, Founder of British Business Energy, said: “Now more than ever it’s important to be conscious of our carbon footprints, and with many people on the same wave length, it’s great to see London pioneering this movement for everyday workers” 

“It sets a bar for countries worldwide and what we can be doing more of to keep our planet clean.”

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London, Frankfurt and Cambridge have been named as the top 3 most eco-friendly cities to work in.

London has taken the top spot owing to the number of restaurants catering for vegans and vegetarians alike, as well as a high percentage of tech patents that are environment-related.

Cambridge US has the most conscious commuters with 67% walking or cycling to work.

Oslo, Norway has the highest percentage of renewable energy at 97.2% .

The World's Least Eco-Friendly Cities

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