Trilliant announces Côte d’Ivoire smart meters and smart city pilot


Trilliant has announced a pilot project in the Ivory Coast in which the firm will deploy a network that will enable smart metering and smart city applications such as connected CCTV cameras.

The Ivory Coast, also known as Côte d’Ivoire, is a country located in west Africa on the Gulf of Guinea (North Atlantic Ocean). According to data from the IMF, the Ivory Coast’s economy is expected to grow by approximately 6% over the next year. As one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, the Ivory Coast is committed to investing in upgraded infrastructure solutions for a connected future.

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The initial pilot will connect 250 privately developed homes to a network that enables smart grid infrastructure with the ability to easily integrate smart city applications. The project focuses on transmission and distribution solutions, smart metering, and wireless CCTV security cameras.

Tom Tipple, managing director of Europe the Middle East and Africa for Trilliant, said: “Communities today are working towards solving problems involving the environment, mobility, crime prevention and economic growth while also generating revenue.

“Trilliant’s multi-technology, hybrid wireless communications platform is purpose-built to deliver connectivity driven outcomes, which will enable smart grid and smart city services, and the expansion of related applications.”

The project will utilise both SecureMesh Wide Area Network (WAN) and Trilliant SecureReach Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology, which provides unprecedent ease and speed of deployment using a regulated spectrum at no additional cost.

Trilliant’s hybrid wireless communication platform is built for interoperability with a large ecosystem of partners, enabling their customers to adapt to continuous innovation and secure future-proofing as needs evolve.

Edoird Sai, pilot project coordinator with local residential developer, EDAZ-CIE, adds: “We are committed to continuously strengthening the offerings and services we provide to our citizens by utilising the most advanced equipment.

“By wirelessly building an infrastructure network we are able to support our citizens and provide them with an enhanced technology platform that will transform public safety and the delivery of advanced services.”

By wirelessly addressing evolving infrastructure and CCTV needs, communities can more ambitiously move forward with the implementation of additional sensors and devices.

With a connectivity solution that is built to support coverage in both dense urban and sparse rural areas, communities in the Ivory Coast will use technology and data to drive efficiencies, improve sustainability, and enhance the quality of life for citizens.