Alectra Utilities accelerates decentralisation of grid network


In Canada, Alectra Utilities has extended its partnership with Sunverge to increase the decentralisation of grid operations.

The partners have launched two new programmes to expand the utility’s portfolio of distributed energy resources and increase efforts to introduce new services.

The Net Zero Energy Emissions programme and a distribution level ancillary services market platform based on blockchain are now part of the utility’s offerings.

The NZEE programme comprises the integration of hybrid-heated homes with Sunverge’s distributed energy resources platform, to manage and optimise resources including solar and energy storage.

The platform will be used for thermal load control.

Sunverge’s virtual power plant platform will receive real-time grid status and carbon emissions data to determine optimal operation between gas and electricity.

Data received will be used to coordinate across solar PV, energy storage, micro-combined heat and power with integrated air source heat pump, EV charger, thermostat and hot water heater controllers.

The aim is to reduce carbon emissions at the community level.

Sunverge will integrate its Virtual power plant solution with Alectra’s new blockchain-enabled transactive energy platform.

The platform will facilitate contracting, compliance and settlement of distribution level market services.

The objective of the Integration is to validate how blockchain technology can be leveraged to support the energy sector by tracking and assigning attributes and value to renewable energy generation that can be exchanged among parties with minimal cost.

“Our goal is to leverage decentralisation in many forms to responsibly create greater value and new services for our customers and community,” said Vikram Singh, director of advanced planning at Alectra Utilities. “Our initial investments in DERs and VPP technology have proven it works and our choice of Sunverge has enabled us to continue our innovation.”

Martin Milani, CEO of Sunverge. “Our business relationship is leading the way to combining technology with new business strategies and services that will better serve the interests of the utility, the community, and the market as a whole.”