Energy retailer halts dumping excess solar on grid


US energy retailer American PowerNet has deployed a peer-to-peer renewable energy trading platform at its headquarters in Wyomissing City in Pennsylvania.

Power Ledger has provided American PowerNet with its xGrid blockchain platform to trade 35KW of solar energy generated at the headquarters.

The renewable energy will be traded with neighbors/businesses connected in its office park to optimise clean energy for both carbon reductions and decreased electricity costs.

American PowerNet is partnering with local utility PPL to use existing distribution systems to integrate its onsite solar energy for use by participating companies.

The system will also use pre-existing meters to eliminate the need for additional hardware, software or engineering fees.

Scott Helm, president of American PowerNet, said: “Rather than just dump our excess solar power on to the grid, we’re thrilled we can now provide clean, sustainable power to our neighbors.”

The project is Power Ledger’s first to deploy its energy trading platform in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection, the largest US wholesale electricity market.

Power Ledger has partnered with Clean Energy Blockchain Network to deploy the project.

“We believe the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection is a key market where P2P can become mainstream, and this project illustrates the growing consumer desire to invest in clean, renewable energy,” said Power Ledger Managing Director David Martin.