Amigo Solar integrates MaxBill solution for electricity billing on microgrids


According to a release, Amigo Solar is the first competitive provider of electricity for the regulated B2C market in Chile. The company owns and operates a portfolio of behind-the-meter distributed energy resources (DER), consisting of peak-demand storage systems, rooftop photovoltaic systems, smart meters and data loggers, which allows it to manage and optimise their consumers’ demand and create more favorable economic conditions for the supply of electricity.

Amigo Solar deploys its proprietary Intelligent Solar Electricity Network platform (RESI – Red Eléctrica Solar Inteligente) in residential and office buildings, business parks, industrial facilities, shopping centers and other similar types of properties to aggregate demand and establish intelligent microgrids.

The company’s business model involves supplying renewable electricity to small (<10 kW) and medium-sized (<100 KW) consumers at competitive rates that are lower than the regulated rates offered by the incumbent regulated utilities in their respective concession areas of service.

Says Yuri Sylvester, chief business development officer, Amigo Solar, “Beyond using our smart meters for the common applications – differentiated Time of Use (ToU) rates, integration of distributed energy resources (DER) and Internet of Things (IoT) – we are using smart meters to aggregate demand of regulated B2C consumers in buildings, avoiding the need to use public areas of service concession to deliver power within the private building.

“This is rather disruptive and has allowed us to become the first competitive B2C provider in a regulated market. Because of our DER and demand aggregation, we are able to offer lower rates to our consumers who take part in the building’s microgrid.”

Customer engagement and billing

LogNet’s MaxBill solution is used by Amigo Solar to handle all of the company’s customer management and billing activities. Amigo Solar relies on the advanced billing and reconciliation capabilities of MaxBill to support its multi-layered pricing schemes.

Amigo Solar selected MaxBill after conducting a proof-of-concept (PoC) trial and is currently using the solution in a SaaS model. LogNet Billing completed the full deployment of the MaxBill system within one month.

“LogNet’s ability to quickly deploy an off-the-shelf SaaS solution that could serve as the backbone of our digital back office was the initial reason that we selected MaxBill,” explained Sylvester.

He added: “We found the structure of the MaxBill system to be the most user-friendly and flexible customer information and billing system that could be quickly integrated with our smart metering platform and Chilean regulation. With MaxBill, our back office today is more robust, flexible and scalable than any of our competitors.

“We are proud to be supporting Amigo Solar and its new energy supply operation with our modern approach to billing,” said Kirill Rechter, CEO of LogNet Billing.

“Amigo Solar shows how an efficient and open billing platform can be immediately leveraged and serve as the base for building a profitable business and benefiting customers with a better service and lower costs.”


Image credit: Shutterstock