Avangrid publishes its 2018 sustainability report


The US energy provider to 3.2 million customers has released its 2018 Sustainability Report,

The report A New Generation of Energy highlights the impact of the company’s sustainability efforts on the economy, environment, society and government perspectives.

Sustainability initiatives implemented by Avangrid include delivery clean and affordable energy for its customers as well as reducing its carbon footprint.

The report follows Avangrid being named by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the cleanest energy companies in the US.

The utility has 89% of installed generation capacity emissions-free.

Some of the achievements highlighted in the report include:

  • Subsidiaries of Avangrid Central Maine Power and Avangrid Renewables winning $950 million deal to provide clean energy in New England and 800MW deal for the development of a wind farm in Massachusetts, respectively.

The two projects will avoid carbon emissions equivalent to removing one million cars from the road very year.

  • The company achieved emissions intensity in 2018 of 54 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced — approximately a 15% reduction compared with 2015 and eight times lower than the 2018 US utility average.
  • The 16,986GWh of electricity produced by Avangrid Renewables’ wind and solar facilities allowed customers to avoid 12 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions — roughly equivalent to emissions avoided by removing 2.55 million cars from the road for a year
  • Avangrid Networks announced a $2.5 billion Transforming Energy resiliency plan to harden and modernise the New York and New England power grids.

James P Torgerson, CEO of Avangrid, said:  “Our industry is in the midst of a transformational shift in how energy is generated, delivered and consumed.

“Demand for clean energy solutions and the continued adoption of innovations like electric vehicles, smart grids and battery storage represent more than business opportunities; they are the drivers of a potentially disruptive shift that requires us to act — right now — to remain at the vanguard of our industry. The 2018 Sustainability Report showcases our efforts to meet these challenges and further establish AVANGRID as a leader for sustainable energy in the United States.”

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