Case study: Meazon Wireless Submetering


Wireless submetering becomes an important business tool in the hands of ESCOs and Enterprises, to gain important financial and operations benefits.

Meazon offers a revolutionary and cost efficient wireless submetering solution of acquiring energy and sensor data and combining them with big data analytics, APIs and on-line services, for the smart energy market.

This way it brings physical assets together with business processes creating value. Meazon technology consists of own designed smart cyber meters (called also submeters or meters) & controllers with build in intelligence, interconnected between them using mesh networking technology. The submeters are innovatively miniaturized, wireless and of open architecture.

They are combined with a powerful energy data aggregation and automation scenarios (recipes) gateway and a cloud based real time energy monitoring & analytics service. This service is integrated to Microsoft Power BI tool, providing state-of-the-art visualizations, scalability, security and efficiency.

Interested to see a real life case study presented by a leading energy services organization?

For more details, have a look here.