Delivering value out of Smart Metering


A fully operational case study of combining Big Data analytics with Process Change

Webinar Overview

“No-one actually has the time in their job to engage in Big Data.”
The use of analytics is fundamental to any utility. But as VP of Utility Analytics, Rick Brakken knows all too well that people just don’t have the time to utilise this data to it’s fullest possibility – “Big data is meaningless if it sits on the shelf”.

Take advantage of the wealth of data on offer
Big data and predictive analytics are transforming utilities. Information-enabled decision-making is where the modern utility must move towards in order to create more personal, effective and long-term relationships with their customers.

This webcast will:

  • Help you learn and share experiences on Smart Meter Analytics
  • Provide measured benefit realization through the use of real case studies, including that of US based customer, We Energies
  • Focus on Meter-to-bill processes & creating ROI

Thursday, March 20, 2014 – 16:00

Transform Utility Big Data into Business Results
Join Rick Brakken, VP of Utility Analytics at Orcale Utilies, along with two speakers from We Energies, in this case study based live webcast with Q&A.

Don’t let data sit on the shelf
“Data is not valuable in it’s own sense. But if you know the algorythms to process that data in an automated fashion then what we’re getting is th value of the data without having to engage in all the data.”

Hear Rick Brakken speak on the subject of Big Data, and what it means for utilities.

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