Dominion Energy offers residential home assessments at discounted price


US-based Dominion Energy, a utility with over 7.5 million gas and electricity consumers, is now offering home energy efficiency assessments at discounted price.

Residential customers will now only pay $50,00 to have their households assessed to identify energy efficiency potentials.

Households with the potential to improve energy use will receive up to $1,250 to install smart home cooling and heating devices and technologies.

The discount is part of the utility’s efforts to increase the number of consumers participating in the Home Perfomance with ENERGY STAR programme which is administered by CLEARResult.

For instance, participating consumers can buy a NEST thermostat which costs $169 for $50. The thermostat will allow consumers to control their home energy use from anywhere using a remote control, tablet, smart phone or laptop, without the need of actually being at home.

Other smart devices include carbon monoxide detectors. Faucet aerators and energy efficient water heaters and showerheads.

The main aims are to improve customer services through reducing their bills and providing them with affordable energy, to ensure grid reliability during peaks, meet corporate and state sustainability goals related to carbon emissions and the adoption of renewables.

Dominion Energy has set a goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 60% by 2030.

“This program has helped more than 28,000 homeowners since 2010 to find both quick steps to save energy and to identify larger projects that could save them considerable money,” said Jim Eck, Dominion Energy vice president and general manager, Ohio & West Virginia Distribution.