Duke Energy announces 2018 funding for water, energy and conservation


In the US, Duke Energy is providing funding to some 26 projects to implement clean water, clean air and conservation projects in Cincinnati.

The announced $276,600 in funding is being issued through Duke Energy Foundation to improve awareness on conservation.

Lynn Good, CEO at Duke, said:”We’re proud to support organisations implementing impactful programmes that aim to protect, improve or restore natural resources.

“From expanding land restoration to protecting habitats to educating future leaders on environmental stewardship, these projects will make a positive difference on the environment and the community.”

Amy Spiller, president of Duke Energy Ohio/Kentucky, added: “Duke Energy continues to invest in cleaner energy, reducing our environmental footprint and employing groundbreaking technologies that offer customers more convenience and control over their energy use”.

For instance, Cincinnati Parks Foundation will use its $10,000 in funding to increase the planting of trees – and develop the tree canopy – across Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods.

The trees will remove pollutant elements from the air and help reduce energy use by providing shade.

Cincy Red Bike will use its $25,000 to expand its bike share system by buying some 300 e-bikes and developing some 25 stations.

Miami University will direct its $15,000 towards improving students’ awareness of various energy sector business models.