New deal enhances UK’s demand response capabilities


In the UK, EDF Energy has signed deals to improve its renewable energy trading, infrastructure management and revenue generation.

EDF Energy and technology company Upside Energy are helping storage firm Anesco to optimise a combined 16MW of solar and battery assets at the Clayhill solar farm, Bedfordshire.

The deal will enhance the efficiency and profitability of the Clayhill assets, secure contracts with grid operators and generate revenue through direct access to wholesale markets.

The partnership enables EDF Energy to provide a guaranteed price for the renewable energy it will trade – a first within the sector.

Launched in September 2017, the Clayhill solar farm will be operated using EDF Energy’s demand response platform PowerShift.

The platform sources available renewable energy from the wholesale market and trades to consumers based on real-time pricing.

Upside Energy will integrate its demand response technology with EDF Energy’s to optimise the operations of energy assets at the farm as well as maximise return on investment.

 The firm claims its algorithm and artificial intelligence-based technology is capable of managing demand response across 100,000s of devices running in parallel

The solar farm houses 31,240 solar panels, totalling 10MW of solar PV, and is co-located with five 1.2MW batteries.

Vincent de Rul, Director of Energy Solutions at EDF Energy, says:“…This approach – which can easily be translated to other UK businesses – will be crucial if we want to balance renewable generation on the grid and work towards a low-carbon energy mix.”