EDF expands flexible energy market for UK consumers


UK utility EDF Energy has signed a deal with Upside Energy to enable consumers to access clean, affordable, flexible energy and to gain extra revenue by selling excess energy.

The energy provider is integrating Upside Energy’s cloud-based platform with its PowerShift flexibility platform to allow consumer access to energy markets.

The integration allows both consumer and utility access to real-time data regarding energy demand on the main grid, allowing customers to dispatch excess energy accordingly.

The development will provide grid energy demand forecasting and predicts energy cost fluctuations to enable EDF Energy and its customers to better prepare for spikes in usage to match demand and supply.

Jean-Benoit Ritz, director of Innovation and Blue Lab at EDF Energy, said: “Balancing our energy use is increasingly critical as the UK transitions to a low carbon future. This is why demand-side response (DSR) schemes have a growing role in ensuring that electricity is there when we need it, whilst reducing our reliance on less efficient forms of generation to meet short-term peaks of demand.

Devrim Celal, CEO of Upside Energy, commented: “EDF Energy will not only be able to optimise its position within wholesale markets, but assist its customers to ensure they receive the greatest return on investment – all while supporting the UK electricity grid to run more efficiently, integrate more renewables and cope with times of peak demand.”

According to Devrim, flexible energy within wholesale markets represents a £6 billion opportunity, compared to the £1 billion annual ancillary services market.

Upside Energy’s platform benefitted from £300 000 of UK Government funding via Phase 4 of the Energy Entrepreneur Fund (EEF) in 2015. The platform has the capability to manage the demand response of 100,000s of devices or systems running in parallel.