Ed’s note: 2020 – what’s your prediction?


We love to start the New Year off with resolutions and predictions regarding the state of the things to come. As we start off this new year and new decade, we wanted to share with you some of the predictions we gathered from key industry leaders and professionals below:

Luis Vale Cunha, Director for European Affairs and Future Networks at EDP Distibuição

I believe that we will start seeing more clarity on the connection between system operation and market operation. That might seem strange, but I think is the missing link in this ecosystem.

Last year, I presented on this concept by comparing the distribution system to a smartphone. Everyone has a smartphone, which is, in fact, a very complex device. On top of it, we have the operating system. And then as a consumer, we can download any application on top of that. So, there’s a big market for applications for smartphones. In reality, we aren’t tied to a specific device – we are only tied to a specific device or manufacturer because we have an emotional connection with them, which doesn’t happen with electricity. The thing is that for each one of these applications to run on top of my device, there are rules that these applications must comply with. We need to apply the same concept to the energy system. So, we need to know that we are running a finished system with certain limitations. In order to make it cost effective, we need to coordinate the market actions with the system actions.

Christos Aslanidis, Director, PRIME Alliance

On the one hand, it’s the reduction of the CO2 emissions and meeting the 20-20-20 targets, and on the other, it’s use cases which are related to the convenience of the user. These will ‘dictate’ the way the future will go. I wouldn’t say that in 2020 specifically we will see any big changes, but we will see a continuity of what’s happening already. And there’s quite a lot happening today.

Heymi Bahar, Senior Analyst, International Energy Agency

We predicted that the renewable energy markets would rebound in 2019 from 2018’s installed capacity. I guess that, in 2020, we will see a higher rebound because of Chinese and US deployments of onshore wind.

Gudrun Senk, Head of Asset Development, Wien Energie GmbH

My prediction for 2020 is that we will discuss synthetic methane a lot more. At the moment, we discuss hydrogen as the saviour of tomorrow, but I think by next year, the mindset will change a little bit more. Green gas is not just hydrogen, but methane too, and we have to look more closely at how we are going to integrate it into our energy systems.

Bobbi Harris, Founder, Smart Water, Smart City and advisory board member for the Global Power & Energy Elites

In 2020, we are going to solve water challenges! In 2020, we’re going to truly have the opportunity to bring people from diverse areas together, and say: “Here’s a way we can solve water challenges in all of these places. And here’s how we can do better by our residents around the world.”

What are your predictions for 2020? Will this be the year in which we see an increase in the amount of renewable energy generation? Will green gas become the trend of the year? Will we take data analytics to the next level? Is the ultimate storage opportunity just around the corner?

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Wishing you a truly spectacular 2020!


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