Ed’s note: As we wind down for the year…


The festive season has arrived and I cannot believe that in a few short weeks we will be celebrating the start of a new year.

I feel this year has sped by, punctuated by moments of lull, swiftly followed by a flurry of activity. My resolution for next year is to try to keep a more consistent pace. Of course, at the tail end of the year, it is easy to make such a resolution. Another thing to keep it.

Do you also feel like the year swept past and hit you in the head in its way by?

The Smart Energy International team are taking a well-deserved rest between 21 December and 7 January. However, our site will be regularly updated and we will provide you with some industry expert predictions early in January.

We wish you a happy and blessed festive season. May this one be spent with family, appreciating the important things in life and refreshing your mind and body for the spectacular year that will be 2019.

Be well and happy holidays