Engerati’s Week in Smart Energy: consumer-utility disconnect grows


Disconnect between consumer and utility exposed by Itron surveyItron’s second Resourcefulness Index was both reassuring and disheartening in equal measure, said Jonathan Spencer-Jones, consultant editor of Engerati, the sister portal to Metering.com [The Growing Utility-Customer Disconnect]

Bearing in mind Mark Twain’s adage, “Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable,” Engerati was encouraged, and not a little surprised, by what appears to be growing confidence among utility professionals in the longer term outlook for the sector. And this despite the significant challenges ahead.

However, and despite what by now should be a well understood need for consumer engagement, the disconnect with utilities seems to be growing.

The survey was conducted in 16 countries but these are not named. Nor are the breakdowns of the findings given, so that it is impossible to determine the extent, if any, of possible geographical variations.

Nevertheless some clear messages come through, which are likely applicable in all regions.

First informed consumers recognize they have a role to play in energy saving; they want information, specifically about their consumption and conservation; and given their concerns, they would likely welcome information that would allay these. With concerns about future supply and the resources to underpin that supply uttermost, these consumers would also be likely prosumer candidates.

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