Engerati’s Week in Smart Energy: Honeywell eyes the big game

Engerati analysis Elster acquisition by Honeywell
With the acquisition of Elster, Honeywell can offer a broader range of energy management solutions, says Engerati

Honeywell’s recent acquisition of Elster after just three years under its current owners came as a surprise for the industry, writes Jonathan Spencer Jones, contributing editor to Engerati, the sister portal to Metering & Smart Energy International. 

Honeywell has been quietly expanding over the past decade, with more than 80 acquisitions in that period, and Elster, with its smart metering and other products for electricity, gas and water, makes a strategic and substantial addition to the company’s smart grid portfolio.

In our analysis of the deal, we point out the recognition of the broader value in smart products and services and the potential for new products and solutions integrating energy efficiency, energy management and metering. [Honeywell Elster Deal Shows Utility Metering Evolving Into Something Bigger]

Small hydropower, with a capacity up to a few megawatts, is expected to be pivotal in providing energy in remote areas of Africa and elsewhere.

Several such projects are currently under development in southern Africa, where hydro is under-developed, with the latest proposal for a scheme near the Augrabies Falls. [Hydropower Should Have a Place in South Africa’s Power Mix]

As a popular tourist destination in a national park, there are strong environmental objections. However, the developer, HydroSA, believe the project would help solve a number of existing socio-economic problems in the area.

Keeping our focus on Africa, we discuss the potential for energy efficiency on the continent and the need to look beyond energy efficient appliances and lighting for a long term and more sustainable plan. In particular, efficiencies can be found in generation and transmission and distribution. Energy efficiency can also enhance access. [Africa’s Energy Efficiency Plans Need To Be Broader]

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