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Engerati week in smart energy smart metersNick Hunn’s frustration at the delay in smart meter deployment in the UK is very clear in his guest article UK Smart Meters Delayed. Again and perhaps his irritation is well founded, writes Denise Philip, writer at Engerati, the sister portal to Metering.com focusing on smart energy.

According to Antoine Garibal, group vice president, Energy & Utilities, at Atos, the smart meter is so much more than a mere asset.

In a live studio interview with Engerati, Mr Garibal points out that utilities should rather view the smart meter as providing new value-added services and opportunities.

The smart meter can actually offer new revenue streams [Engerati – Harnessing the Real Economic Value of Smart Meters.], which is critical in such a competitive environment.

Garibal said: “It is all about broadening the economic model. The smart meter should not be viewed as an asset cost only – it should be viewed as a revenue opportunity.”

Perhaps with this broadened mindset, the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change will be more inclined to overcome challenges a lot faster so that the industry can quite literally get on with it.

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As the number of smart meter rollouts increase, manufacturers and suppliers should not be focused on price alone. In this live studio interview at European Utility Week, Philipp Gruner, President/CEO, KG Technologies discusses European smart meter rollouts and the importance of supplying a quality product, especially when it comes to metering components such as high powered latching relays.

The Need to Integrate Smart Meters and Smart Grids

Smart meters’ potential can only be realised once they are integrated into a smart grid. This is according to Alain Bollack, Director, Global Power & Utilities Centre, Ernst & Young who discusses the business issues around smart grid and metering and how the utility business model is undergoing necessary change.

Unlocking the Value of Data Through Analytics

Utilities are beginning to invest in their grid infrastructure and modernizing them by installing sensor devices across the grid. This is generating big data, the value of which must be unlocked through an efficient data analytics platform, says  Ed Abbo, President and CTO ofC3 Energy.

IT/OT – A Marriage Of Need For Smart Grid

IT/OT integration needs to be standardized to accelerate smart grid deployment. This is according to Maher Chebbo, VP EMEA and head of Energy & Natural Resources, SAP, who describes IT/OT integration as the marriage between the non-real-time world of enterprise asset management solutions and the real-time world of SCADA, GIS and other energy management solutions.

Plan Now For Disruption Ahead From Distributed Resources And Energy Efficiency

Utility companies are at a tipping point of change and the disruptions they are facing from the growth of solar, storage and energy efficiency may be overcome with the right plan in place, evolving them from the pure-play transporter of energy and expanding to sophisticated energy services.

Engerati is the sister portal to Metering.com focusing on smart energy.