ENGIE acquires massive solar+storage capacity for giant wholesale trading markets


ENGIE North America has acquired up to 25MW of solar capacity and 22MW of energy storage capacity from the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Programme and GridSynergy, respectively.

The four projects will be operated by ENGIE’s Distributed Solar Team and ENGIE Storage for participation in the SMART and ISO New England energy wholesale markets.

The projects are the first to be constructed, owned and operated by ENGIE in Massachusetts under the SMART initiative.

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The portfolio is expected to be operational by Q3 2020.

Luis Felipe Birolini, head of US solar development at ENGIE North America, said: “Combining storage with this solar portfolio enhances the overall value of the portfolio, improving the economics for all parties. At the same time, combining distributed solar and grid storage can improve the reliability, resiliency, and stability of the electricity grid, and enable the adoption of more renewable energy resources.”

Christopher Tilley, CEO at ENGIE Storage, added: “Innovative storage and solar-plus-storage initiatives in New England are now taking root, and we are seeing the emergence of this industry after years of behind-the-scenes market development.”

The news follows ENGIE commercializing the largest in front of meter solar + storage project in Holyoke, Massachusetts to serve Holyoke Gas & Electric customers.