Engie launches energy storage pilot in Brazil

Under the energy storage pilot, Eos Aurora and Northern Power will construct a 1MW/4MWh energy storage system in Engie’s service territory in the Brazilian municipality of Tubarão.

Engie will use the integrated energy storage system, comprising Eos Aurora’s energy storage batteries and Northern Power’s energy storage control system, to store energy generated from the company’s 5MW wind and solar farm.

The pilot aims to demonstrate how utility firms can improve the stability of grid networks using a combination of energy storage and renewable energy resources.

According to Engie, the integration of renewable energy resources and energy storage will help the utility meet its peak demand.

In addition, the pilot will highlight how energy providers can reduce carbon emissions by taking advantage of energy storage to increase their clean energy portfolios.

The project is expected to help Engie provide its customers with affordable energy resulting in improved customer services.

Philippe Bouchard, vice president of business development at Eos Aurora, said: “As prices continue to decline rapidly with scale, utilities will be empowered to deploy batteries ubiquitously at substations or co-located with generation.

Community energy storage pilot

Meanwhile, US utility ComEd launched a community energy storage pilot to reduce the occurrence and duration of power outages for consumers in Beecher, Chicago.

Under the energy storage pilot, ComEd partnered with the Illinois-based manufacturer of electric equipment, S&C Electric Company, to test the ability of energy storage to avoid power interruptions to residential customers especially during harsh weather conditions.

S&C Electric installed its 25KWh ‘PureWave’ lithium battery storage system for storing energy and supplying it into ComEd’s grid during power interruptions.

ComEd is using a $4 million grant which the utility received from the Department of Energy to develop and test an integrated grid system comprising solar energy, battery storage and microgrid systems to provide power to a community during times of emergency. [Japan’s NEDO to demonstrate benefits of energy storage in Germany].


Image credit: 123rf.