Google to provide 500k free smart thermostats for New Jersey utility customers


New Jersey Natural Gas has partnered with Google Nest and Energy Federation to help households save energy during the pandemic.

Approximately half a million customers of New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) will be provided a smart thermostat for free.

The initiative falls under efforts by NJNG to enhance consumer sustainability through delivering energy-efficiency solutions to save energy, lower energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

The smart thermostats will be offered for free between June 8 and July 20, 2020 on the NJNG marketplace.

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The thermostats save an average of up to 15% on cooling costs and up to 12% on heating costs, according to Google. 

This would translate to an estimated average saving of $131 – $145 each year for NJNG customers.

Features of the smart thermostats include:

  • The Nest Thermostat E automatically programmes itself and creates a schedule based on the user’s habits and preferences.
  • With voice activation capabilities, it is easier than ever to save energy and stay comfortable.
  • The Nest Leaf icon appears on the thermostat device, or app, to indicate when energy-saving temperatures are selected.

Steve Westhoven, president and CEO of New Jersey Resources, parent company of NJNG, said: “With customers spending more time at home in response to COVID-19, and warmer weather on the way, energy use and bills will be on the rise.

We’re here to help our customers by empowering them with the technology and tips they need to save energy and money and help protect the environment.”

Customers can visit for this free offer and discounts on other energy-efficiency products.