Green Mountain Power responds to demand with consumer storage systems


Vermont utility Green Mountain Power has announced a new demand response (DR) initiative to help ensure grid reliability during peak periods.

Green Mountain Power launched the Bring Your Own Device programme in which the energy provider aims to improve consumer energy efficiency savings.

The BYOD programme includes the integration of energy stored on onsite consumer battery storage systems onto the main grid during times when demand is high.

The aim is to help the utility reduce operational costs by avoiding investing in new generation resources to meet demand. The project will also help consumers avoid using expensive energy sourced from the grid’s baseflow energy generators.

Consumers who transfer energy into the main grid will be awarded credits in line with the capacity they provide.

Green Mountain Power (GMP) is partnering with Sonnen Battery, Sunverge Battery, SolarEdge StorEdge Compatible Systems and Tesla Battery.

The batteries will be integrated with an intelligent control system to enable the utility to gain remote access and control during peak times.

Consumers will be equipped with a smart phone app which the utility will use to communicate the occurrence of a demand response event four hours before it does.

GMP is aiming to implement DR events between five to eight times per month.

The amount of credits to be received by consumers for supplying energy into the main grid will range based on different device factors, but starts at $14.50 a month.

Mary Powell, CEO at GMP, said:  “This is so important as we partner with customers on a new energy future that is home-, business-, and community-based and leverages the latest innovations in grid modernisation to drive down costs and provide value for all customers.

“Battery storage is a meaningful part of that energy future.

“Green Mountain Power has been sharing energy with customers through our distributed energy resource platform for some time.

“We call the new programme ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) because customers can now purchase any compatible batteries through any source and still receive credits on their bills. Of course, more importantly, they’re helping to keep costs down for all energy users.”