Once largest banking group to provide Enel customers with efficiency loans


Enel has through its subsidiary Enel X signed an agreement with Italian banking group Intensa Sanpaolo on energy requalification of condominiums.

The agreement is for the financing of energy upgrading and seismic safety measures for apartment buildings.

Intensa Sanpaolo will provide loans to finance the implementation of the solutions proposed by Enel X for apartment buildings in its ViviMegliooffer.

The solutions includes the installation of external insulation for the acoustic and thermal insulation of buildings to condensing boilers or heat pumps for central heating.

The offer enables customers to take advantage of the Ecobonus and Sismabonus incentive mechanisms to recover up to 85% of the costs incurred for energy upgrading and seismic safety measures, assigning all tax credits to Enel X.

Condominiums will apply for loans payable within ten years.

The loans will have a 50% reduction in application processing costs and a guarantee that the application will be processed quickly by a specified time limit.

“This agreement is part of a broader project to upgrade real estate at the country level”, remarked Andrea Lecce, Head of Sales & Marketing Retail of Intesa Sanpaolo. “We are talking about providing strong support to the home ecosystem, from the purchase of a home to its redevelopment in order to achieve greater energy efficiency with a consequent increase in comfort for residents, and above all a reduced environmental impact. With financing dedicated to condominiums, we want to support the management of the property in its entirety: not just caring for the individual customer but all of the residents of the building”.

“With the ViviMeglio offer, Enel X is a presenting itself as a key partner in a huge and still largely unexplored market. Property owners no longer have to finance significant investments up front in order to modernise their properties and raise their value”, said Giulio Carone, Head of Administration, Finance and Control of Enel X. “The agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo gives us the possibility of expanding the pool of customers potentially interested in energy upgrading and seismic safety and represents an important opportunity to enhance the country’s real estate assets.