Korea and Malaysia co-pilot $7 million virtual power plant system


A consortium of South-Korea based utility and technology companies has been formed to address the long-term energy needs of both utilities and businesses across Malaysia.

South Korean utility Busan City Gas is partnering with smart energy IoT solutions firms Shihwa SNC and I-ON Communications develop a virtual power plant as part of a pilot project.

The consortium is collaborating with Malaysian utility Tenaga Nasional Berhad to integrate and tests an energy storage system with solar technology over a period of 30 months.

The integrated solution will be tested across five sites across Malaysia.

The project is valued at approximately $7 million and will be financed through entities directly affiliated with both the Malaysian and South Korean governments.

The Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning is co-funding the pilot.

Mr. James Oh, Chairman of I-ON, said: “This research collaboration with both our Malaysian and South Korean partners comes on the heels of I-ON’s previously announced next generation VPP alliance with Japan-based TIS INTEC Group, in which we are offering and employing key components of I-ON’s energy management platform to address the demand response needs of Japan’s power grid companies.  

“Similarly, our Malaysia-focused initiative, together with TNB, will also maintain an eye towards integrating a proprietary next generation VPP that operates within its own cloud-based service environment, while utilising components of I-ON’s next generation energy management platform- Micro-Grid, Prosumer, V2G- all of which are being introduced and brought to market as part of this collaboration.”