Montgomery celebrated as North American Smart Cities Challenge winner


The US city of Montgomery, Alabama’s state capital, has been recognised as one of the five winners of the North American Smart Cities Challenge. The challenge is open annually to all cities in the US, Canada and Mexico.

The challenge seeks to recognise cities that have made the most significant progress in terms of liveability, standard of living, and sustainability, embracing smart city technology to do so.

According to mayor Todd Strange, the awards committee noted their application as one of the most comprehensive seen to date.

“This is another special moment – a watershed day – for our community signifying our success in capitalizing on the opportunities for growth and economic development that come through the advancement of technology across our city,” said Strange.

“But what’s even more important is our resolve to adopt practical high-tech solutions that better serve residents, add to our quality of life and expand access to the tools and technology needed for future success. We are grateful to our partners who raised their hands to join us in this venture.”

The city chose to highlight initiatives like the Smart City Living Lab, which provides expanded free public wifi to downtown Montgomery, the city’s smart parking solutions, and their Star Watch, and Open Data Montgomery programmes.

Following the win, the city will host a Smart Cities readiness workshop, intended to bring leaders from across North America to look at new possible means of collaboration.

The city will also gain access to an online platform which lowers the risks linked to new technology investments.

The other cities making up the four other winners are Baltimore, San Diego, Racine (Wisconsin), and Edmonton (Canada).

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