Earth Overshoot Day call to action #MoveTheDate


Earth Overshoot Day has moved from late September in 1997 to August 1st this year, the earliest date since the world first went into overshoot in the early 1970s.

The day marks the date when humanity’s annual demand on nature exceeds what Earth’s ecosystems can regenerate in that year.

In order to move the date back, Global Footprint Network is encouraging its partners to explore “Steps to #MoveTheDate” that support the global movement to get humanity out of ecological overshoot.

“Our current economies are running a Ponzi scheme with our planet,” said Mathis Wackernagel, CEO and co-founder of Global Footprint Network.

“We are borrowing the Earth’s future resources to operate our economies in the present. Like any Ponzi scheme, this works for some time. But as nations, companies, or households dig themselves deeper and deeper into debt, they eventually fall apart.”
“It’s time to end this ecological Ponzi scheme by design, not by disaster. It’s time to #MoveTheDate.” Wackernagel added. “This is critical if humanity is to thrive.

One partner, IMServ, is actively working with its customers to #movethedate using its team of data interpreters to dig into the metering data of its 282,000 metering points, to identify opportunities for improvements in building and equipment performance and the ability to reduce consumption and their demands on the environment.

IMServ’s steps to #MoveTheDate

Metering: install a device to meter data from electricity, gas and water consumption, this can quickly deliver actionable real-time energy insights. Metering data is a crucial piece of the energy management jigsaw that a business needs to make and create a more energy efficient building that will, by default improve equipment performance and reduce ever-increasing energy costs. Saving energy is five times cheaper than producing it!
Data intelligence: analyse the data gathered from metering to help solve energy waste problems and provide access to intelligence on how, when and where energy is being sapped.
Act on waste: acting on the metered data intelligence to make positive changes to a buildings energy use and therefore deliver tangible energy and cost savings to the bottom line
Think eco-travel: make conscious choices to your everyday travel and commute, cycling, walking, car share or embrace the electric vehicle.
Reduce, reuse, recycle: from paper to plastic, make efforts everyday with everything from packaging to clothing.

According to Justin Vroone, commercial director at IMServ: “For more than 24 years we have been using metering data to power energy efficiency for businesses across the UK. Simple metering measures once put in place mean that it’s not too late to MoveTheDate.”