Nachos? That’ll be 14 miles please – carb(on) friendly options available


The Sticklebarn pub in Cumbria, England will tell you what you’re having for lunch, and the carbon impact of your meal for no extra charge.

The National Trust-owned pub displays the environmental footprint of each menu item, and gives diners the chance to consider their appetite for sustainability along with cravings.

The most carbon-heavy meal on the menu? Nachos with chilli, chocolate, coffee, sour cream and guacamole, which weighs in at 5.74 kilogrammes of greenhouse emissions, or the equivalent of driving approximately 14 miles in a car.

A sample of the menu items – Image credit: Sticklebarn Pub

Other carbon-heavy offerings include the pub’s lamb burger with wedges comes in at 4.53 kilogrammes, thanks mainly to the methane emitted by local sheep. If the meat was transported from outside the area for example, the carbon cost would be higher.

The lowest greenhouse gas items on the menu are vegetarian options, including a black bean burger which generates considerably less gas than some may expect, at just 860 grams.

What do you think? Should we be adding the carbon-guilt to carb-consciousness during a meal out? In terms of the greater-good, the timing may be perfect. The UK’s Committee on Carbon Change has just warned that unless renewables generation increases four-fold, the country may miss it’s Paris Agreement climate change goals. Here’s the scoop.