New online portal launches to speed up efficiency funding


The National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) has through its division HBC Energy Fund unveiled a new online portal to speed-up processing of energy upgrade financing.

The portal provides all documentation and procedures required throughout the funding application process.

The portal will reduce the time for both contractors and customers to secure funding to implement commercial, non-profit and municipal energy improvements.

Users can customise lease and loan financing options and eliminate first cost barriers to improvements such as lighting, HVAC and renewable energy.  Project size can range from less than $10,000 to multi-millions.

Matthew Brown, NEIF co-chair and founder, said: “We believe our online commercial lending platform combines innovative technology with our years of experience in energy efficiency lending to provide the best available financing solution for commercial energy efficiency projects.

“It truly complements NEIF’s residential lending and rebate advance programs to provide a comprehensive financing solution for customers, contractors, utilities and programs.”
National Energy Improvement Fund has been responsible for over $700 Million in energy financing.