New York deploys its first intelligent solar mirror array


New York startup Skyven Technologies, a winner of the state government’s 76West Grand initiative, has completed the first installation of its intelligent mirror array as part of the project.

The intelligent mirror array has been installed at Copses Farms in Valley Falls after Skyven Technologies won a $1 million grant from the New York State government in 2017.

This is the second installation of the technology in the US since its development in the Southern Tier.

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The technology reduces emissions from boilers by using specialised collectors, similar to solar panels to capture heat from the sun to raise the temperature of water. The heat is then injected into industrial boilers to reduce fuel consumption.  

The technology is expected to help New York to reduce its carbon emissions and achieve sustainability goals set as part of the Green New Deal, Climate Leadership and the Community Protection Act

Since winning the grant, Skyven Technologies has moved into the Southern Tier, worked with Cameron Manufacturing and Design in Horseheads to manufacture the nine panels which have been installed at the farm.

The panels installed at Copses Farms provide enough heat to produce 50,000 gallons of hot water annually.

Alicia Barton, CEO at NYSERDA, said, “This project is a tremendous example of how Governor Cuomo’s investment in 76West and emerging clean energy companies is having an impact by helping cutting-edge technology make its way to the marketplace. I applaud Copses Farms and Skyven for their environmental leadership in and providing an example of how dairy farms can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing a healthier environment for their employees and animals.” 
Currently in its fourth year, 76West is a $20 million competition and support programme administered by NYSERDA. Each year applicants compete for a $1 million grand prize, a $500,000 award and four $250,000 awards.